On 8 November 2008 it was time for the annual CMTC-OVM meeting in the Netherlands. One of our members from California was also present. He was able to combine his visit with (among other things) medical research at University Hospital in Maastricht. Thanks to him we were also able to 'webcast' to members from around the world over the Internet.

This year we had a separate room reserved with supervision for the children. This proved a great success! We had a projector and large screen with a Wii so the bigger kids could for example play tennis or one of many other games.
For smaller children there was a Playstation, coloring books, drawing materials, and all kinds of toys.

The hotel also has a 'ball box' available for the smaller kids, and that's always fun!

Unfortunately, at the last minute Doctor Orange was prevented from attending our meeting. Fortunately Doctor Charlène Oduber covered lots of things during her afternoon presentation. Charlène is working on her doctorate at University Hospital Maastricht, in collaboration with one of our medical advisors, Dr. Maurice Steensel.

Many questions were asked and answered by Charlène during two intense hours. These questions are included in the questions on our site.

Presentations (members and doctors only):