On Saturday, November 2, 2013 we organized our annual meeting in the Netherlands. Our foreign guests all meet on Friday, November 1, at 8:00 pm with a snack and drink to get acquainted. We started in 2011 with parallel sessions with different topics and this proved to be a hit. We applied the concept again this year and there were several parallel sessions held in both the morning and afternoon so as many people could attend as many of the different sessions as possible.
We also organized again this year a parallel session on personal experiences where patients and their parents could share their experiences. Dr. Wouter van der Schaar, medical psychologist, accompanied these sessions. There was a session especially designed for parents and a session for children.

In addition, there was again the opportunity to get a free medical examination by our medical advisors.  These were held in a separate room so privacy was guaranteed. It may be advisable to make use of this annally so the patient can be followed.

Becky Gallis, president of CMTC-OVM U.S. was also present with the main objective to learn from our organization so that we work optimally together with the ultimate goal of our patients and to help their parents as well. As much as possible her granddaughter, Ellayna, will be present mainly because of the continuing medical care that she needs that is given by Becky who is her nurse.

We shares sessions via the Internet from the main hall with our members from around the world. We also video recorded certain sessions and will make them available on our website to members.

feltingFor all our members who came from abroad, we had a low price hotel that they could make arrangements to stay at so they could attend our meeting at the lowest possible cost. Again on Saturday evening we had organized a typical Dutch dinner for our foreign guests and volunteers.

For the children a separate room was available with all kinds of entertainment. 

Hotel Leusden (van de Valk)
Philipsstraat 18
3833 LC Leusden
The Netherlands

Link to website Hotel

A double room with breakfast costed € 79 per night. A triple room with breakfast costed € 99 per night. At these prices there was still a tax.


Throughout the day one can register through our website on a separate computer. It is crucial that all members, donors, volunteers, etc. register because they then get automatic access to the information referred to their and our administration.

Please note that all sessions as much as possible are in both Dutch and English.

Provisional agenda Saturday, November 2nd

Time   Speaker (s)   Topic
09:30 to 10:00 hours   -   Reception and registration
10:00 to 10:30 hours   Lex van der Heijden   Business association
10:30 to 11:00 hours   Becky Gallis (Chairman CMTC-OVM U.S.)   CMTC-OVM U.S.
11:00 to 11:30 hours   -   Brainstorming
11:30 to 12:30 hours   Prof. Dr. Maurice van Steensel (parallel session 1)    Vascular malformations
11:30 to 12:30 hours   Dr. Wouter van der Schaar (parallel session 2)   Personal experiences (children)
11:30 to 12:30 hours   Lydia Handzova (parallel session 3)   CMTC-OVM and social media
12:30 to 14:00 hours   -   Lunch and mutually acquainted
14:00 to 15:00 hours   Dr. Wouter van der Schaar (parallel session 4)    Personal experiences (adults)
14:00 to 15:00 hours   Marco Dings (parallel session 5)   Website demonstration
14:00 to 15:00 hours   Lex van der Heijden (parallel session 6)   Kids website (ideas, etc.)
15:00 to 16:00 hours   Medical advisors, Becky, Lex   Explanation and demo SkinHouse and questions
16:00 to 17:00 hours   -   Refreshments
18:00 to 20:00 hours   -   Dinner with foreign guests, volunteers, and board


Check in time or roadwork were planned for this weekend! It will not be the first time that participants will miss a (large) part of the meeting.


Beware: only doctors and registered members (via 'Community') who have paid their dues have access.