By using the form below you can register for our international CMTC-OVM Organization website (members of the American and Canadian organisations who have paid their dues have free access).

After filling in the form below for membership or donorship the following steps are applicable:

  1. You receive an e-mail with an activationlink. This is intended to assure that the e-mail address is correct.
  2. After you have performed this activation you will receive an electronic invoice. You don't have access to our website at this stage yet.
  3. As soon as the invoice has been paid you will receive a confirmation that you have paid and you will have access to the closed part of our website (as member you have access as well to our annual Conference).

We offer the following registration options (the username can also be an e-mail address):


A member has access to all information within our website, access to our global members meeting in Netherlands (incl. medical diagnosis), access to newsletters and access to the Dutch family day. The membership costs are € 35 per year with the calendar year (from 1 January to 31 December). Many Dutch health insurance companies reimburse the cost of a membership of a patient organisation.
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We distinguish hereby, based on our experience, two types of donors. One type of donor would like to be informed (such as a newsletter) and the other type of donor would just like to make a donation and no more. The donation amount should be € 25 per year (or higher) with the calendar year runs from 1 January to 31 December. A donation to our Organization is tax deductible in the Netherlands according to the rules in force because we an offical non-profit organisation by Dutch tax law (ANBI).
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A doctor has access to a lot of the information within our website and access to our global members meeting in the Netherlands. Because of the great ignorance of CMTC worldwide, it's critical that doctors have access to correct and reliable information. We have a ' heavy ' medical team that supports us.


Our Organization would not exist without volunteers! We make demands on working as a volunteer in our global organization in terms of knowledge, experience and skills (see profiles). This is incredibly beautiful and thankful work!
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Translator. We are active worldwide and this requires that we support multiple languages. Our website is now in the Dutch and English. Our information leaflets are now available in many languages and this will be further expanded.


Others. This section is intended for third parties such as other patient organisations

All information provided is kept confidential. For example, we share no registration information outside our Organization. 

In case of any problems with this registration or you have any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.