Stork Bite
The stork bite (nevus of unna or nevus simplex, actually a type of wine stain) is a birth spot which is located on the neck. It is common in newborns (30%). It is a benign red spot that does not goes away, but usually (cosmetic) does not interfere because hair often grows on the spot. The story that is told is always that the stork handling your neck as a baby when flying to your destination (the story is that the stork delivers babies in the Netherlands), hence the name ' stork bite '.

Angel's kiss
The stork bite can also (often to a lesser extent) present in the middle of the forehead. It's the same deviation, but on this place becomes known as an "Angel's kiss". The place is fleeting, just like the kiss of an Angel, in other words, this place is less visible as the child gets older. At an old age it can sometimes be visible in the place again when emotions are expressed.

Stork bite at child



Stork bite at adult



Angel's kiss for head and wine stain nose

Angel's kiss-light form


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